Trained on Veda is a malted loaf and evolving project by artist Laura Wilson that connects bakeries and galleries through veda bread.

Veda bread is a dark brown malt loaf which was discovered in 1900, and became popular across the UK in the early part of the 20th Century and bakeries selling veda bread opened in most cities across the UK. Today it is only made in Northern Ireland.

Veda bread has a uniquely malted taste, which is easily digestible, full of vitamins and has a long shelf-life (five to seven days) and due to its unique properties it was sent out to the soldiers in WW1 as it would reach the trenches fresh, and would keep them healthy.

Laura has been working with Marc Darvell from Darvells bakery to develop a malted bread inspired by the history of veda and collaborate with a network of galleries & bakeries, enabling people to taste the bread and to generate discussion.

VEDA® is a registered trademark owned by EDME, used here with permission.


Robert Graham malts oats, wheat and barley for foodstuff

Robert Graham
(Maltster and inventor of Veda Bread)


Veda bread discovered, Gleneagles, Scotland


Veda Food Company Registered 14 May


Veda sent to trenches of WW1

C. W. Hart
(Long-distance and marathon runner, baker, walking advertisement for Veda Bread)


Veda bread discussed in the House of Commons


Gleneagles maltings Ltd. lease a maltings in Blackford, Scotland and make raw material for Veda


Veda bread still being produced in London


Robert Graham dies in Scotland


UK implements bread rationing after WW2

c. 1950

Veda bakeries close across the UK, except for Northern Ireland


James Kerr begins working at Gleneagles Maltings Ltd. in Blackford

James Kerr 


Veda Bakeries Ltd. incorporated with Companies House (James Kerr, Director)


Laura Wilson meets Marc Darvell, Darvells’s Bakery 

Laura Wilson 


Laura Wilson meets James Kerr


With help from James Kerr, Mungoswells Malt and Milling makes malted wheat flour in Scotland


Laura Wilson purchases Veda Bakeries Ltd and the archive of the early history of veda bread from James Kerr during residency at Delfina Foundation, London


Laura Wilson and Marc Darvell test recipes for Veda bread

Marc Darvell


Trained on Veda connects bakeries and galleries

Exhibiting Galleries:
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
TACO, London
Grand Union, Birmingham
MIMA, Middlesborough
Site Gallery, Sheffield

Veda bread to be restocked in bakeries across mainland UK

Forge Bakehouse, Sheffield
Darvells, Chesham