VEDA takes Laura Wilson’s Trained on VEDA – a malted loaf and evolving artwork connecting bakeries and galleries through veda bread – as a point of departure. The film explores and discusses collective memory, embodied knowledge and the passing on of traditions, recipes and gestures through the preparation of a recipe, punctuated by clips from video works and interviews with her collaborators.

Wilson is joined in the kitchen by chef Irem Aksu, where they discuss the word ‘veda’ and cook a collaborative dish – Trained on Veda Almond Tarator with Baked Hake and Samphire Tempura – inspired by veda bread and their respective heritages: Northern Irish and Turkish. Wilson is also joined via video call by former collaborators, choreographer Lucy Suggate and archaeologist Dr Melanie Giles, to discuss the traces left on our bodies and muscle memory.